Sunday, August 29, 2010

Singing the Sun to Sleep

Today James and I ran into the ocean holding hands. It's not gay cause he's from Uganda. This was our first time spending time with our Ugandan teammates and the first time I could see us becoming friends. It was so rad being at the beach with so many people who had never been. Robert, my older teammate didn't want to go very far into the bigger waves because he can't really swim. That was a unique cultural learning experience for me, because I'm already realizing how many things I assume are normal for everyone, when in fact, it's not like that at all. People are so unique, everyones story so different, and even if they were similar, we would tell them different and perceive them different and yet, there are so many things the same.

The beach was darn good first bonding experience for dos reasons: water and sand. These two genius substances are universally enjoyable (except for allergic people). As we were jumping over waves and kicking sand on sunbathing locals during our beach-wide soccer game, I realized the power of the w&s. Really, none of us yet had a ton to talk about in any super deep bonding level, but man, shared experience is bonding. Talking is good, and needed, but you can't know people without playing with. That's just how it is.

Our back porch is like grandmas garden. Always something fresh to make your mouth water. Today, everyone was gathered on the porch and balcony to watch the sunset. If we get home in time, it's what we do. I was on the balcony talking to Jed as we watched everyone be. Hannah had her headphones on, standing up soaking it all in. Jordan was rocking the guitar with Saren singing along. Bryce, Bryn and Shane were kicking around the soccer ball. The grill was going, Sarah was messing with her camera, and just in general everyone was was existing uniquely. Jed and I talked about how sweet it is live in such intentional community. Intentional, yet with people we didn't choose. It's crazy because you really learn so much from everyone. You also end up being tightest with the people you never would've guessed, or even chosen. It's beautiful.

We launch in 1.5 weeks. This is about to go by so quick and I'm kinda scared. Not like sweaty armpits and crying scared, but sweaty palms and wide eyed scared. This week we have to continue with booking, and book harder, as well as do more training with the Ugandans. Our first "practice" screening is actually this Wednesday, but it's not practice at all because it's absolutely a legit screening. I guess they call it practice because they'll be there to judge us haha. No pressure.

We had a marsh mellow war tonight. I hit Steve in the face. I love life. I missed Jess from 3 feet. I feel ashamed.

We had a rad team time in the back of a van tonight. We had milk and cookies and talked about our families and growing up. It was homework. We've begun relationship training and all the returners keep telling me it's the most important training. I suppose that's because this whole organization and roadie system is built of personal relationships. We have to build relationships with all of our contacts, live with each other 24/7, and meet buttloads of new people every single day. I get it.

Anyway, it's bed time. Thanks for reading. I love you. You should totally send me pictures of your life right now. For real, I love you.

Goodnight :)

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  1. Best of luck and please keep on posting. We love living in an intentional community. What does the screening system consist of?