Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crazy Lunch Break, Crazier Connections

Filmed in 30 minutes, on the web in less than an hour.

-Case 1: Cool story out this video: I posted it on facebook and my friend, Jeanie Reams, notices her friend, Spencer Brown, is in the video. Surprise surprise, they went the same church and school in Kansas back in the day. I knew Jeanie from Armstrong in Savannah, and now I live with Spencer in San Diego. There's just crazy connections all the time.

-Case 2: Ivory from the band Showbread has been a roadie a couple times including for Vans Warped tour, including as my current teammate Sarah's teammate. Ivory and I worked for the same window washing company in Savannah. I had no idea he was involved with IC and he had no idea I existed. We had lunch together once...

-Case 3: My other teammate Meagan went to GCSU. She's good friends with my good friend Jack. They spent all last spring break together. A few days before I left for Cali, I was talking to Jack about IC's Schools for Schools program and he said he knew of a girl at his school who had done something with that. I think he was talking about Meagan. This is even odder because Meagan came on late to replace our original teammate, so it's not like they paired us because we're from the same state.

There's more but I won't go into them. All you need to know is this:
Make friends. Get Deep. Holla back.

I guess when your organization is built on traveling the country, making friends and sleeping in peoples houses in every state and city, connections are bound to abound.

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