Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quotes From My Journal- Growth

"As you grow older, you can mature in many ways, but positive growth is not guaranteed with aging. You can also increase in your corruption, settling deeper into harmful habits, false mindsets and immature lifestyles. I've made it a habit to reflect on these things daily so that no habit will go unnoticed and enslave me. "

but what?

Quotes From My Journal- The Bedofa

This bedofa you see on the right is a massive sofa by day, and the greatest bed ever at night. It's beyond comfy and I spend a great deal of time in it. It's got plenty of room too so friends can come kick it in my room if the living room is being lived in. Such a great decision. It excites me everyday.

"I really love my bedofa. It was an excellent choice. Royalty does not know of this luxury. Spacious, comfort with practical uses, magical sleep, fun for all who enter. Be free to love the bedofa."