Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back in the Blogging Game (Maybe)

A problem I have with infrequent blogging (and journalling) is that when I want to write, I have a bajillion bottled-up topic ideas that I can't decide on one, so I get paralyzed and do nothing. But not today! Today, I'm giving myself 10 minutes to sit down and write whatever comes to my head. No chance to edit, no time to rethink it. Just write and release.

I was talking to a neighbor a few days ago about how sometimes you only have to try a little bit to succeed at something, because most people do nothing. Obviously, that doesn't hold true in ultra-competitive environments, but for a lot of things, just a little effort will set you apart from the majority.

Want to get into photography? Just walk around shooting for an hour and see what happens. You wont be an expert but you'll have done something over 99% of the population didn't do that day, and you might get a good shot, or learn something new.

Want to be a world class twerker? Give yourself 5 minutes to go twerk on the street, and then ten more to sit down and re-evaluate your life. Progress comes one baby step at a time.

Anyway, my ten is up! I could've written more if I wasn't eating a quesadilla, but looky here I've blogged today! I'm betting the next time I sit down and write, if I do it soon enough, will be much easier. And hopefully it'll become a habit.

Until next time. Deuces!