Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update 6: Rapid Flow

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rapid. The flow of life right now is that. Once again, I started the week and suddenly it was Friday. This Friday was awesome though, because guess who arrived?

James and Robert, my Ugandan teammates! After work, we’re still at the office doing “relationship training” and Zach runs in yells “The advocates have landed!” We we’re planning to meet them at the airport but they arrived a little sooner than expected so we all get into this frenzy that lasts pretty much until the Ugandans went to check into their hotels.

We grab our stuff mad quick and zoom to the airport. Once there, we run like a quarter mile from the parking lot to the baggage claim and then realize we have no idea which gate they’re coming from. So we have maybe 80 or more people now running back and forth through the airport zig-zagging in unison like a school of fish. I wish we could get the security footage because it we were legit running and people were so confused. Once we finally see all the Ugandans, everyone runs to each other and we’re all yelling and hugging even though most of us had never even met. We had signs and junk we’d made the night before too but they didn’t get pulled out until after we met. I honestly wish I had worked harder on them because James rolled his up to keep and I hadn’t thought of it as really being anything special.

Being in the office calling and emailing all day has a unique affect on your time perspective. I think I probably get so annoying because I’m always pushing people to get back to me about things. It’s necessary due to the rush we’re in, but even if it weren’t, I would. Like, I send an email or leave a voicemail it feels like it takes forever for anyone to reply. I know people have lives and are working or whatever, but when you sit by a phone and computer for 8 or more hours straight, 1 hour is a long behind time to wait for a phone call. It’s gotten to where having inbox messages is almost euphoric. I love emails and I love having messages. Ah, so much!

Today was excellent. I woke up today on the couch on the living room. We’re not really supposed to sleep on the couches, but I didn’t mean too. Plus Braden was on the couch next to me, so it’s cool. Anyway, I wake up to people all around cleaning so I get and clean for a while, eat a bagel, and then just go my bed until around 3. This was the first time this week I could get more than 6 hours of sleep within 24 hours, so I took advantage of it fo sho.

Around 3pm, I woke up to something incredible: Roadie music. Annie’s playing a cello that I have no idea where it came from, Saren is rocking the piano and then Adam and Steve are both playing guitar. The doors are open, the weather is absolutely perfect and everyone not playing is either dancing or chillin around. They kept playing all these random songs from Mumford and Sons and the like and occasionally I jumped in with the shaker. Oh yeah, and everyone was singing. Then we played the it’s too late to apologize song and I beat boxed for that. It was a great way to wake up.
Mount Soledad

After, Roadie JamFest 2010, we head to the top Mount Soledad to play running charades. It was so beautiful. It’s this incredible mountain with a huge cross (veterans memorial) on top surrounded by a nice soft grassy field. Running charades is intense. Basically you have four teams playing charades. They each send a representative to the center to get a topic, then they run back and it’s normal charades until someone gets it who can run get another topic. The intense part is that you can tackle/block/hold runners from other teams to slow them down so your team can win. We won 3 times, thus overall. So sick.

Then we went to Ocean Beach to hang and get Acai Bowls. It’s weird how much more enjoyable, and now I believe needed, weekends are. It’s so good to get a break to rest and focus on something other than booking screenings, learning about a war, working on speaking parts, etc. Booking has been life the past couple weeks, and it’s kind of takes over. It’s such an emotional roller-coaster. Get a screening- heaven. No emails for an hour- drudgery. I’ve actually only gotten 3 screenings booked so far. There’s some that are looking really good, but it’s tough sometimes. No of the schools in our region are in session so it takes forever to get anything done. We only need like 20 more before we can launch, but with 5 of us working on it, I think we’ll be good.
Elise Benusa...The affects a acai bowls?

I keep wanting to call people but the time difference from here and Savannah is 3 hours so it’s always late night before I get free time. Like right now, it’s only 11 here, but that makes 2 o clock east coast. Lame.

I suppose that’s enough for today. If anyone reads this and you have questions about what I’m doing, you should ask cause sometimes there’s so much going on I don’t know what to write about, and that would help.

Peace yall, I love you!

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