Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2: Training begins!

So I don't know how long I've been here anymore. The days and nights are all running into each other and I've only a vague memory of my old life.

This morning, after my solid 4 hours of sleep, we started the first day of work/training. I'm astonished. These fools are legit. We got to meet all the staff, got a tour of the building and basically just had our minds blown to pieces by the phenomenal people working for IC. I went to to try to find words to describe it, but I couldn't. So I wont.

First off, Jason (one of the 3 original founders who went to Uganda 2003) comes in straight form Africa, or the White House, or both, and gives this radnasty speech that had me so hyped I almost wept. I wish I could show you a video, but I'll just explain:the gist of it was that we're in for the adventure of a lifetime, we will never be the same and also that we are about to be slaves for four months. Awesome.

It was seriously quite humbling, and exciting. I found out today that 330 people applied for our positions, so getting in was slimmer than I thought. The fact that they chose us because they believe we can do the job is quite incredible because I don't think anyone's ever held me to the standards or expectations that this company is planning on all of us too. I'm simply blessed, there's no way I deserve to be here. My leaders and co-workers I respect immensely and the chance to make change in the world, this big and in reality, is rare. I'm seeing that this movement does far more than the already great tasks improving education and economic growth and all the fantastic programs in Uganda, it's also shaping a culture in America, kind of raising up a generation, if you will, of people that actually believe they have the power to do crazy things, and then they do them!

Another unique lilt hang about the staff is that the oldest dude is about 30. Everyone's in their 20's, most are right at 20 and even a good bit are straight out of high school. Yeah, this is the company that got a bill signed in by Obama this year. The one that's hosted international events of over 80,000 people. The one planning to raise one million dollars in the next couple months (which, mark my words, will happen). And everyone is young!I mean, I guess this is only surprising because of our culture that says to waste you're youth on dumb crap. But whatevs, I'm stoked.

The staff members here are all absurdly dedicated. No one's working for money. And the quotes form these people were off the wall!

One head homie said, "we can't end this war in 9 to 5". It's starting to finally sink in now that we are working for real people with real lives and it's seriously not about us having a good job, fun job, or anything at all. It's about bringing a war to an end, and we're going to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We learned today that even though the LRA has successfully been pushed out of Uganda and the region is experiencing a peace it hasn't seen in a long time, the LRA is still doing some jacked up jive in the neighboring countries (DRC and CAR).There are pretty much daily attacks, which spikes my souls with an urgency that makes me want to seriously commit to doing this job excellently. Homeboy also said that people often talk about how they're passionate about kids in Africa or helping others or peace or whatever, and while he doesn't doubt they'd like to be passionate about those things, genuine passion commands consistent sacrifice.

We arrived at around 830am I think. Got back at 7, and then spent most of the night studying. It's weird how much easier it is to retain what I study here than for normal school. Blow's my mind.

I could go on for 6 days about this one day. There's a ton I wish I could share, but I'd just like to encourage you instead to go get involved with things that matter. Don't watch tv (unless it's American Idol),don't invest in rumply bobo junks. Instead figure out a way to make use of you're time and make some positive altercation to this freakin planet. Because you can. I swear.

Anyway, once again I'm trading in my sleep time to write this while everyone else is in bed (last semester taught me I don't need sleep),but Imma be Imma be Imma Imma Imma be wise slap the sack. Peace yall.


P.S. We lost a teammate today L. She was an incredible person but she, based on sound judgment and wisdom, chose to return home for family reasons. So that was sad, but we do have a replacement coming in from ohno way, yup. GA!!! REPRESENT!!!

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