Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3: Wear the fat Dress. Be Amazed.

So, I'm tempted to just write about all the fantastic things I learned and give everyone updates on all the latest programs. But you would not read my blogs and then forget about me and eventually hate me. So bunk that.

Here's a summary of our lesson on harassment.

"Take everything Michael Scott from Office does, and do the opposite." That was actually yesterday, but I wanted to share it.

Today we learned all about the financial aspects of IC, more about the history and basically just had a lot of training, however, the best and most important lesson came in a lesson from our dear friend Jedidiah (if that's how you spell it), and he talked about the importance of community and serving each other and being vulnerable and taking enjoyment in life.

We we're challenged to "live a life that is not easily explained." I'm just gonna talk to you as if I we're Jed, except still myself.

We need to be all about building community, so take enjoyment in each other. Like, latch on to the quirks that people are embarrassed about themselves, and love them. That's not just here, but everywhere. Be open and vulnerable and love deeply because all of that spreads to others. Be amazed at people. Today I realized that people really are incredible. We all have our own stories and and are super unique. I knew that always, but sometimes truths just sink in a little deeper, life get's a little wilder and the world becomes a little greater. Contemplate these things.

My teammates and I were talking about this on the back porch as we watched the sunset of the mountains in La Mesa. I feel like these words sound so empty just typing them, but I swear, experiencing the reality and coming to such understanding of our world and people and legitimately just being blown away is so ridiculous.

My homegirl Tiffany commented today as we left the office "I just realized how epic everyone is." Yeah, everyone here is so freaking epic. I mean, I get stoked pretty easy. Like today, we went to get lunch and we were walking through downtown San Diego and I was in shock. Have you ever realized how big building can be? Building are just huge structures! I mean a house, I get, it's got wood and nails and could probably be built by hand if needed. But buildings...dang. They are gigantic! How in the world do we build things like that! I just couldn't get over it.

Now, I get hyped on the internet and cars ,skateboards, trees and the fact that it rains and all kinds of things pretty regularly. I really just walk around in a state of awe most of the time, but it's weird that I usually don't get that way abut people.

People are crazy! They have these awesome stories, lives, histories, knowledge, skills and I never really realized the proportions of this until today.

So yeah, my advice, from what I learned is to just take in things for what they are. BE AMAZED. Don't get used to the world or anything in it, because when you understand how insane it all is, you will be forever vamped. It ain't no shabby nothin on this ballin planet, so dig it.

Anyway, I want to value friendships, people and communication more. I want to forget myself and just soak up the awesome of everyone else. I want to learn and discover and be wrong. I want to get my energy by wearing myself out on important activities. I want to write letters to people I love, and say thank you to those who deserve it. I want to do all this without trying.

I want to wear the fat the fat dress (figuratively) and not even care.

I'm getting to where I feel these blogs just can't do justice to my actual thoughts and feelings. They can't. It probably appears that I'm just rambling off on a ton of mushy cliches, but just pretend for a second that none of it is cliche. And people really lived this way.

It can happen.
It does happen.

So serve people, work hard, and go out on a limb. Open up your wounds to people. Love other peoples wounds. Forget about your stupid desires, especially ones you know are stupid and get crunk. Live according to reality, but expand your horizons on what you think is possible, cause have no clue what reality is.

Basically, Just wear the fat dress.


Love, Stuy

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