Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 house. 3 toilets. 63 people.

Today I have learned. I’d like to ramble about all my learnings but they’re still kinda bumbling up into full thoughts, so I’ll let them mature before I ramble on for 20 pages. Instead I’ll focus on the events of my first two days, and add in a few thoughts.

Thought Uno
: Forget California. I wish they all could be Houston airport girls.

Anyway, the past two days have shzanked up my brain on the reezy. I feel like I’ve been here for a week, or even forever. We’ve got people coming in from all parts of the US and beyond and even though there’s turdloads of us, we’re getting tight way quick. We come in and everyone just assumes we’ll be best friends, so we act that way. We greet with hugs, talk about our families, eat together, have deep discussions and then before going to bed, we get each others names again. Knowing someone’s name, is mildly to not relevant to knowing the person, I’ve concluded.

So the first day, Taylor Swift picks me up in a van, after a while I let Taylor listen to my song, who dug it btw. The next momentous event was meeting everyone else as they came in. It’s odd because for some of them I creeped on their application videos/ facebooks and blogs before meeting them, so I feel like they’re famous or something.

“Hi I’m…” “I know” “Are you Stuy?” “Yep” “Cool, I know you, we’ll be good friends for sure.” “Yeah, That’s what I commented on your youtube.”

First night, we packed 17 people in a van and went to church. I fell asleep because I was too excited the previous two nights to sleep at all, but the chick leading worship was phenomenal. After my nap, I was the last in my room to go to bed, and the last to wake up. I guess old habits are hard to kick, but given the hype about tomorrow, I’d better kick it hard. And quick.

Work starts officially tomorrow but everyone’s nervous so we spent a lot of today studying, bouncing around questions with returning roadies and finishing up our pre arrival activities. Everyone’s so dedicated it’s just awesome to be a part of it. I have this immense respect as well s cool connection with my co-roadies. We’re from all over but everyone’s got a ton in common. Aside from everyone having facial piercings, macbooks, iphones, v-necks, skinny jeans and other indie hipster type stuff we also share a passion for people. People tend to be International/Global Studies, Polisci, various Social Science, or various art/photo/journalism type majors.

There’s a ton a Christians, but people still cuss a lot too. I like it.

As for my day, we took a trolley form La Mesa (where we stay) to downtown San Diego today. H-freakin cow. The west coast is so ruling. The weather is beautiful, perfect temperatures and no humidity. It seriously blows my mind to walk around outside, in jeans and not sweat. (and that’s 20 minutes from Mexico!) San Diego pretty much feels like Epcot in some places. They have incredible foreign bands playing randomly in the street, people flying crazy looking kites, and even this one dude who balanced big rocks on top of each other. What in the world!

So we split into smaller groups, mine was about 5 (add two later) to go about our dailies and my group decided to try out some west coast Asian food. I had the best Mabo Cury Catsu in the universe. I still don’t really know what it is, and certainly didn’t before ordering it, but it was such a good investment. I will never forget that meal.

After wandering around a few hours, we had to leave to make it back for a house meeting (at which there we’re cameramen because apparently Halogen is making a reality tv show about roadies.) My good friend Tiffany and I couldn’t find our trolley tickets (which cost us $2.50!) so we looked around for signs that would help us calculate the risk of attempting the trip without buying new tickets. (On the way there a cop was on board checking). After a few minutes of scheming and weighing our chances for success, we decided that the risk was light and the reward great, so we hopped on anyway. After all, neither of us had a lip or nose ring so we had to do something rebel to fit in with everyone else, right? We made it. Great success.

I guess I could go on, but I need to get up in about 6 hours for day one of training, and all of us house mates have intimidated the crap out of each other with endless rumors about it’s intensity and all the returners wont open their mouths. Hopefully, I can sleep.

Sorry for the shallow nature of my blog tonight. I’m just grappling with my brain. Pray for me, and let me know what’s going on in your lives! I legit wanna a hear about it.

I love you guys, I miss you, and I pray everyone’s semester gets off to a good start.


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