Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maybe We Don't Need So Much Inspiration- Part 2

Maybe we don’t need so much inspiration.
Just honesty.

With ourselves
but more importantly
each other.

We are bleeding.
Sew me up, friend
or hold my hand and tell me about the time you went through this.

Oh you’ve never suffered like this?
You are useless. I need someone who’s been to the bottom
and admits it.
Or maybe not.
It’s easy to return, a conquerer.
The victim turned victor... congratulations.
I need someone on the bottom now.
Let’s suffer together.
Eradicating loneliness, isolation and shame.
I don’t know all the solutions,
but that’s three down and I don’t plan on stopping!

Oh you don’t understand my doubts?
Well, I don’t understand your misunderstanding...
Here we are
both misunderstood.
Since we know what that feels like, maybe we can be friends.
Let’s struggle
And laugh
we grow.

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