Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maybe We Don't Need So Much Inspiration- Part 1

as I gaze into the brokenness of the world
and myself.
I’m not depressed
only distressed.

Not at the statistics,
the reality,
our response to it
my response to it...

But that’s their life and not mine.
I’ve got my own issues.
I need to finish college and get a job.
I need a girlfriend and to be physically fit.
I need to write poems and play music and think.

Let’s change topics.
Things like that bum me out.
Maybe it’s time for some inspiring quotes! But,
I’ve been through all the happiness quotes in that free App I downloaded 40 times already.
I’ve smiled and celebrated every freaking day.
Choosing to get by, well, but not thriving.
Choosing careful words over action.
Any action over thoughtful action.
Feeling over reality.
Like over Love.

Maybe we don’t need so much inspiration.
Just honesty.

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