Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family, Extended Family and Friendship Webs

Actually, it's funny that I posted this as my family picture, because although I'm tight with a few of those in this photo, and have definitely hung out with and had one on one conversations with each of them, I would not consider all of these certain persons the closest of my kin.

I would describe them as extended family. You know, the ones you know facts about and get excited when you see them, but don't really know that well when you take a step back. I wouldn't hesitate to invite them to holidays, but then we would spend the whole thanksgiving dinner catching up. I don't mean this in a bad way, it's just that with 60+ people in your house, it's hard to get intensely familiar with everyone.

We've got kind of a big friend web going on. This is going to sound so girlish when I explain it, but whatever, don't have a cow, just read it. It's similar, I feel, to high school (graduating class of 100). For instance, I'm not super close to Colin, but I'm tight with his teammate Chelsea. Sometimes Chelsea will tell me things Colin said, and though I've spoken less to him than most others in the house, I feel like I know him through observation and other peoples comments. I like them both, but my friendship to Colin is more through the web connections than direct spider-butt silk-line.

Anyway, I'm getting into a deep talk about the Bible and doubt with some homies who just came in, so I'm ending this. Peace!

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