Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Such is the Way of the Road

That that has value is in far greater abundance than those who understand the value it has.

These past two weeks have provided me some of the most prodigious experiences ever and taught me more than than my second grade year with Mrs. Thorton ever could. On the reezy, I fulfilled some of my greatest dreams and beyond: From the break dance battle of a lifetime, to a building filled wall to wall with nothing but trampolines, to a flash mob marching band strolling in 200 hundred deep and teletubbies serving me sushi, it's gotten to where I pretty much just expect everyday to be stupid fresh.

But even with these perpetual adventures splashing in my eye, the episodes build up only like Jenga blocks, slipping one by one, reminding me that random highs can never be my base.

Let me unpack. When a climber arrives at the summit, he is not so elated because of the view, nor the earthly position of his physical body, but because of the difficult journey he undertook to achieve this position. It's not so much the greatness of the reward but the symbolic representation of the reward to the prior task. If a climber helicoptered to all the peaks of the world, withhold a few that he climbs, it would be those he reached on foot which will hold for him the most internal value.

As for me, I have gazed and stumbled upon peaks of every prominence.
I have been burned by the promising and dazzled by the unlikely.
I have wandered through oasis's and mapped my way to barren desserts.
Such is the way of the road,
where Grand and Great come daily,
but it is the Smalls I have worked for
that are chiseling my inner world.

Stuy Lewis

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  1. Honest living for right purpose
    is enough to teach the world