Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

The other day, we we're at a school and this middle school kid wrote James a note and then wanted to say goodbye to him before we left. He said he had gym class next so I told him we'd stop bye. We go into the gym and the instructor is talking to the students, so we we're just gonna wait until the activities began before intruding, but this kid just runs from his seat yelling "James!" and gives him a hug. Instantly his coach made him run laps he started crying, but later he found us, got pictures with us and totally thought it was worth it the laps.

He knew his coach wouldn't have let him say bye if he'd asked, so he just went for it.
Those are the kinds of people that will change the world.


  1. That's kids for you man! If the world didn't grow up so fast we might have more rascals like that man who change the world.

  2. Dangit....this thing is dumb haha. this is Bob.

  3. True dat man. We get our views on maturity all mixed up and say fitting in the mold of how you're "supposed to do things" makes you mature. Maturity is having an accurate view of reality and acting accordingly. Many old men know all the rules and have yet to become mature.