Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update 5: Epic people and Business

Apparently I've been here two weeks. I promise you that's not true. I think there was only one day that existed this week Like, yesterday was Sunday.

We started booking the tour this Monday and Tuesday was our first full day of straight booking. Our goal is to have 90 screenings and right now we're only half way there, and it took 3 months to get this far with our team leaders and route managers booking all summer. It should be a lot easier once the schools are in session, the only problem is schools is our region dont start until about the same time we go on tour. We're really starting to get into the grunt work now and it's not easy, but man, after training and learning about all our programs, it's gotten so easy to talk to people about having a screening.

I feel fine straight calling a principle and asking to take over a 2000 person school for a day because I really believe what IC is doing is legit. It's so tight to be working for something I actually want to get out to people. It's funny because I thought I already knew a fair amount before I came but I look back and thing "what in the world was I talking about!" haha.

We talked about how ridiculous the whole idea of what we do is too. We're a bunch of 20 years olds calling highschools and saying hey, we want to come and speak to your whole school. We want to show you a movie, hang out with your kids at lunch, sell merchandise, and then have you raise funds for us the rest of the semester after we leave. We find random people to stay with and then do it again the next day. Also, this time we're bringing two Ugandans on each team, most of which are in the U.S. for the first time and will be here only a week before launching. Yeah, it's safe. It's a good idea. Trust us ;)

Today, my team had lunch with Jason, one of the original founders who first went to Uganda. That was cool, he google satellite mapped our houses to see where we grew up. I also finally got the chance to talk with him about why they went in the first place and it's a pretty sweet story.

Random fact, Jedidiah's dad was the inspiration for Forest Gump's cross country travel. He apparently walked across the country twice and had people follow him in random places. Even made the cover of National Geographic once or twice.

Deep convo's on the daily. This place we get real. Christian or not. Doubting or strong. We get down and that's some awesome community.

Like I mentioned before, everyone here is freakin epic. Jed's actually planning on a bike ride down from Canada to the bottom of South America. Our tech guy David, is heading to South Africa to get married and then travel through Africa. A butt load of these roadies are schools for schools winners who won the chance to go to Uganda for free. I was talking to my friend Chelsea today about how she was in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Then me other friend just got off the world race (which if you don't know it's a year long trip to 11 countries). I could go on, But I'm mad tired, so I'm headin to bed.

Peace yall. I love you.

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